Corbett Lunsford's PROOF IS POSSIBLE U.S. Tour
Your Home. Your Money. Your Family.
"I attended the first Proof is Possible in Tampa, and it was the most informative class I have ever been to. Corbett took a very involved subject and in 2 days made me understand things about Home Performance that I hadn't known in 5 years of testing and 30 years of contracting. It is worth every penny and a lot more to spend this time with the man who wrote the book on the subject while he breaks it down and shows you how it works."

"I learned more in two days than in two weeks of training elsewhere. It was a great class and all these guys were fantastic."

Proof Is Possible US Tour
Tour Events in Each City:
  • Breakfast Crash Course for Real Estate Pros, Lenders, Appraisers, Inspectors
  • Dinner Workshop for Homeowners & Homebuyers
  • Day One Hands-On Training for Contractors
  • Day Two Certification Training